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Each week several hundred amputees reach out to Martin Bionics with interest in our life-changing Socket-less Socket™ technology. We refer many of these new patient leads to our Clinical Network Practitioners.

We love partnering with amazing prosthetists to serve amputees with exceptional care, and provide them with a transformed quality of life through comfort.

Here's How It Works

Step 1: Get Training

Find our latest and additional electronic versions of our training, and to get CEU’s.

Above Knee with socket soft app

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Step 3: Get Clinical Support

Our Clinical Services Practitioners can join your fitting via video call to help maximize your comfort outcomes.

Click a button below to schedule a phone or video call or you may reach our Clinical Services team directly at: or (844) 624-6642




Not Sockets

"It's not about replacing a limb and walking again, it's about maximizing comfort and quality of life — to live life to the fullest."

Expect Comfort

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Medicare, VA and insurance approved. Available for all amputation levels.
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