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Above elbow sockets redefined​

Rigid encapsulated sockets are uncomfortable – so we re-invented them from the ground up. No more static socket shape or trapped heat. You’ll be amazed and the difference in comfort and quality of life the Socket-less Socket’s™ ultra-conforming materials provide compared to a static rigid socket.

The end of rigid sockets​

The unique conformability of the Socket-less Socket™ technology radically changes comfort and quality of life for those who are fit with it. Medicare, insurance, and VA approved – and it costs the exact same as an antiquated rigid socket. Don’t settle for the same status quo.
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The lightest and coolest sockets available​

Hot sweaty encapsulated sockets are things of the past. The unique open socket designs dissipate heat and keep the limb cool, which eliminates sweating issues for most users. Our NASA-Inspired lightweight design and materials are only a fraction of what conventional sockets weigh. You’ll be amazed at how light a socket can feel.

The Socket-less Socket™ Transforms Quality Of Life

Our clinical research team collects data across our entire patient panel to measure the quality of life impacts of our Socket-less Socket™ technology, and the results are transformative.

The Socket-less Socket™ Is 3.3X More Comfortable Than Conventional Rigid Sockets
77% Decrease In Skin Issues And Breakdown
94% Increase In Sitting Comfort, Thanks To Unrestricted Range Of Motion.
42% Increase In Daily Wear Time
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Comfort of a sneaker

Our uniquely conforming materials contour to the limb like your favorite sneakers and eliminates the uncomfortable and unforgiving rigid bucket of conventional sockets. The limb instead floats in a conforming hammock without any hitting against rigid structures.

Click. connect.

Forget about having to push or pull your limb tissue into a static socket. Designed for simple single handed use, the Socket-less Socket™ can be wrapped around the limb and micro-adjusted to optimal comfort in real-time.

New control capabilities at your fingertips

The hammock-like fit maintains consistent electrode contact – providing maximized control capabilities.

Body powered - perfected

For body-powered users, our NASA-Inspired Vest Harness™ provides unparalleled comfort and control capabilities. We’ve eliminated point specific axilla loading of a traditional Figure 8 or Figure 9 harness, and instead spread the forces 360º around the body to make the harness as comfortable as a harness should be.
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