Not Sockets

“Martin Bionics exists to serve those with limb loss & limb difference by providing innovative technology & compassionate care designed to restore comfort, independence, and hope for a better life."

NASA Roots

Founder Jay Martin, CP, FAAOP was invited by NASA to help create Ironman-like exoskeleton suits for space and military applications. Through working with NASA he discovered and created counter-intuitive new methods of how to make prosthetics more comfortable.

He then set out to create the most comfortable sockets on earth… and the Socket-less Socket™ was born. Now thousands of amputees around the world are gaining quality of life back through more comfortable sockets.

A Paradigm Shift in Accessibility

Our Socket-Soft™ fitting software, along with our uniquely modular Socket-less Socket™ technology, gives amputees in the furthest reaches of the world access to comfortable prosthetics. Socket-Soft™ equips and enables locals in developing nations to successfully fit our socket technology without the need of formal prosthetist training or expensive fabrication equipment.

In conjunction with our modular Socket-less Socket™ technology, the Socket-Soft™ fitting software converts simple limb measurements to a defined Socket-less Socket™ assembly configuration through our simple but sophisticated algorithm-based web-app.

The Socket-less Socket™ design used for developing nations is a low cost, high-comfort socket that can be assembled using only simple hand tools.

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