Socket-less Socket Above Knee

Above knee & knee disarticulation sockets redefined

Rigid encapsulated sockets are uncomfortable — so we reinvented them from the ground up. 

No more static socket shape, trapped heat, or rigid brim. You’ll be amazed and the difference in comfort and quality of life the Socket-less Socket’s™ ultra-conforming materials provide compared to a static rigid socket.

The end of rigid sockets​

The unique conformability of the Socket-less Socket™ technology radically changes comfort and quality of life for those who are fit with it. Medicare, insurance, and VA approved – and it costs the exact same as an antiquated rigid socket. Don’t settle for the same status quo.
AK Socket 360

The lightest and coolest sockets available

Hot sweaty encapsulated sockets are things of the past. The unique open socket designs dissipate heat and keep the limb cool, which eliminates sweating issues for most users. Our NASA-Inspired lightweight design and materials are only a fraction of what conventional sockets weigh. You’ll be amazed at how light a socket can feel.

The Socket-less Socket™ Transforms Quality Of Life

Our clinical research team collects data across our entire patient panel to measure the quality of life impacts of our Socket-less Socket™ technology, and the results are transformative.

The Socket-less Socket™ Is 3.3X More Comfortable Than Conventional Rigid Sockets
77% Decrease In Skin Issues And Breakdown
94% Increase In Sitting Comfort, Thanks To Unrestricted Range Of Motion.
42% Increase In Daily Wear Time
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Limit-less configurations — comfort of a sneaker​

As Individual as You – Customizable modularity for even the most challenging fits. The Socket-less Socket™ configuration can be customized to each user according to their specific and varied needs, and has been successfully fit on all limb types – Short limbs to long, large limbs to small, geriatric to athletic. Connect with us for a free consultation on which socket configuration is best for you.

The SwingBrim™ configuration provides hammock-like brim comfort with the familiar containment of a conventional socket.

The cX-Hybrid™ is our most popular configuration, with exceptional volume adjustability, hammock-like SwingBrim™ comfort, and sophistication in simplicity.

Conforming as a hammock

The End of Rigid Brims™ – The fabric-based SwingBrim™ technology perfectly conforms to the user just like sitting in a hammock, providing a soft cushioned seat and eliminating point specific brim pressures. The brim of your AK socket can now be truly comfortable.

Unrestricted range of motion

No more impinging of the socket into your abdomen or hip bone during sitting. The Socket-less Socket’s™ brim is so conforming that you could fold it up in your hand. Sitting with a prosthetic is now so comfortable you’ll forget you are wearing it.

No more hump in sitting

Traditional sockets are rigid and result in the user sitting on a bulky hump of plastic. The SwingBrim™ is so thin and flexible you can now feel the chair underneath. It’s as comfortable as a brim should be – sitting or standing.

Self-adjustable fit and comfort

Shoes have laces. Shirts have buttons. Belts have buckles. Our clothes are adjustable – Shouldn’t your socket be adjustable too? Donning is now as easy as putting on your favorite pair of sneakers. Our uniquely adjustable socket design gives you full control to dynamically capture the limb shape in real-time, and makes the socket feel like a part of you. Now you can maintain that 7am fit all day, without stopping to add socks.
A socket that fits like sneakers

Go further with increased stability

The conforming materials contour so effectively to the dynamic human limb that they increase stability and control for all activity levels. Many users who once relied on assistive devices such as walkers or canes for balance now find that they are much more stable and confident on their own.

Increased muscle use and limb health

Through our open design and compliant dynamic socket materials, the limb muscles no longer hit a rigid wall as within a static rigid conventional socket and are now able to flex and grow. Most Socket-less Socket™ users put on residual limb muscle mass through using the Socket-less Socket™, which gives fascinating implications to circulation and limb health.
AK Socket Jump Rope

Quality of life through comfort

First reactions in the Socket-less Socket™ often include comments like “It feels like I’m not wearing a socket at all”, or “It feels like a part of me”, or “It feels like I’m using my own limb muscles again”. We believe no amputee should be limited by discomfort.

Interview with a Socket-less Socket™ User

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