User Stories

Socket-less Socket™ Impressions

Amputees' First Reactions - Above Knee

David - Running Further

Scott Sandusky - Crossfit

Tom - Bilateral AK

Tom's Story - Bilateral AK

Miyah - Pediatric

Dana - Weight Lifting

Kendra - A New Beginning

William - Newfound Comfort


Denise - A Beautiful Story

Valerie - Unrestricted Range of Motion

Lawrence - Why Do We Fall Down

Shiela - Patient Testimonial

William L - Patient Testimonial

Steve - Patient Testimonial

Technology Overview

Side by Side Comparison - AK

Side by Side Comparison - BK

Joel - First Impressions of the ICON BK™

Erik - Symes First Impressions

Technology Overview

Comfort Testimonials

Above Knee cX-Hybrid™ Socket-less Socket™ Real-time Fitting

Simplicity of Donning

Developing Nations

Katie - Latvia

Cierra - Haiti

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