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Conventional prosthetic sockets are hot, rigid and often uncomfortable.
The Socket-less Socket™ is breathable, conforming and has micro-adjustable comfort.

The Socket-less Socket™ Transforms Quality Of Life

Our clinical research team collects data across our entire patient panel to measure the quality of life impacts of our Socket-less Socket™ technology, and the results are transformative.

The Socket-less Socket™ Is 3.3X More Comfortable Than Conventional Rigid Sockets
77% Decrease In Skin Issues And Breakdown
94% Increase In Sitting Comfort, Thanks To Unrestricted Range Of Motion.
42% Increase In Daily Wear Time

Be Fit By

Martin Bionics Clinical Care

We expect that everyone fit with the Socket-less Socket™ technology experiences a transformed quality of life through new-found comfort and mobility. 

To live out our mission of ‘building lives not sockets’, it is important for us to control the quality of fit and workmanship of our Socket-less Socket™ technology so we offer it exclusively through our Martin Bionics Clinical Care network. 

While most of our clinic patients are fit with our unique Martin Bionics Socket-less Socket™ technology, our practitioners have a patient-first approach and can fit any socket design that is best for that patient, with the expectation that every patient walks out of the Martin Bionics Clinic saying “This is the most comfortable socket I’ve ever worn.”

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Your Best Fit Guaranteed

If you don’t walk out of the Martin Bionics Clinic saying “This is the most comfortable socket I’ve ever worn,” simply don’t accept delivery of it, or we’ll keep working until you do. We are that confident that this technology will change your quality of life.

You're Just Steps Away From More Comfort!

Medicare, VA and insurance approved. Available for all amputation levels.
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